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Watch Bali Green School by TwoParrot Thumbnail

Bali Green School by TwoParrot Video

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Explaining Green Computing Video

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Solar/Water in Very Small Home (India)





Green Architecture and Green Building

Desert Living Center Evening

The Desert Living Center is comprised of five buildings located at the 180-acre Las Vegas Springs Preserve.  ©2011 Harris Consulting Engineers

Desert Living Center Exhibits Arid Green

The Desert Living Center (DLC) is a 46,000-square foot environmental education complex that showcases green building methods, materials and technologies for a desert climate, including straw bale, rammed earth, and cooling towers that lower heating ...more

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Heat Gain and Loss Short Form Calculator

Free Load Calculator by Mr. HVAC


SketchUp (Free)

Includes built-in sun so you can easily draw walls or windows with shading devices, trees, fins, etc.


Build It Solar

This website provides a selection of references and analysis tools for solar design - books, websites, publications and information on solar ...more

Parasol (Sweden)

ParaSol is a user-friendly energy simulation tool for comparison of energy demand, and peak loads for heating / cooling for different glazing and ...more

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Renewable Energy Resources Map (USA)

This renewable energy resources map from the USDA shows terminals in the US for biodiesel, RFG and ethanol. The Renewable Energy Resources map ...more

Bercovitz Design Architects (USA)

Bercovitz Design has been one of the top architectural firms in Telluride, Colorado, since the 1990s, having completed well over two hundred ...more

FOVISEE (Argentina)

FOVISEE is a Non-Governmental & Non-Profit Organization in Argentina which aims to improve quality of life low-income communities, foster care ...more

SRI (Solar Reflectance Index) Calculator Worksheet for Cool Roofs

This form allows information to be entered regarding roofing material or product to calculate the solar reflectance index.


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