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Solar/Water in Very Small Home (India)

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Arizona Western College Solar Array Video

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Green Architecture and Green Building

SEED Classroom with Kids

Phipps Conservatory and EcoCraft Homes partnered to build the second of only two modular SEED classrooms. The SEED Classroom is a hands-on sustainable learning space at Phipps Conservatory in Pittsburgh, built to Living Building Challenge standards. This means that the classroom is net-zero energy, net-zero water, is made of non-toxic materials, includes daylighting, urban agriculture and equity components and creates a space that fosters inspiration, education and beauty.  ©2015 Banko Media

SEED Classroom Inspires (Pittsburgh, USA)

Unveiled in 2015, the Phipps Conservatory SEED Classroom is one of the first sustainable, modular classrooms in the U.S. - built to maximize student wellness and optimize a learning environment focused on sustainability. Fabricated by EcoCraft ...more

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Louver Shading Tool

This tool lets you calculate the shading provided by a vertical or horizontal louver system, such as louvered blinds, a brise soleil, or a wooden ...more

ApacheLoads (fee-based) (UK)

Performs heat loss and heat gain design calculations, using procedures laid down by American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and ...more

Solar Power Calculator (USA)

Ever wonder what size a solar panel system you need or how much one costs? Use our solar power calculator to estimate the cost and size of a solar ...more

SunAngle Calculator

Calculates solar angles based on location, date, and time. It's useful in passive solar building design, PV and solar thermal system design and ...more

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Question: How Much Electricity Does a Rooftop Solar PV System Generate

Factors affecting rooftop solar plant output includel location, orientation of the roof, panel efficiency, ambient temperature, temperature ...more

EcoCraft Homes (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA)

EcoCraft Homes is a Pittsburgh area resource-efficient Smart Home builder of super energy-efficient homes.

Founded in 2012, by long time ...more

Photovoltaic Estimation App

Onyx solar offers a completely free-of-charge Photovoltaic Estimation App.

Enter the value for the photovoltaic installation area you have ...more

Solar Checker App

Solarchecker determines the solar radiation at the current location and calculates the ROI for a solar power system on the available roof ...more

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