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Solar Architecture and Green Building

Ellensburg Winery PVs

The 85 solar panels at Ellensburg Canyon Winery/Cox Canyon Vineyards produce around 32,000 kW of energy from the sun to power operations such as irrigation pumps and winemaking equipment. High electricity rates have become an expensive and unpredictable cost of running a winery and Ellensburg Canyon Winery/Cox Canyon Vineyards saw a way to cut operating costs, increase self-sufficiency, and reduce greenhouse gases by installing solar power.  ©2017 Jeston Bennett

Raisin' in the Sun Solar Winery (Washington, USA)

Vigneron (tender of the wine grapes in French) Gary Cox started Cox Canyon Vineyards in 1999 with a long-term goal of environmental sustainability. A vineyard, after all, can have a lifespan of 120 years; the oldest known vine was producing grapes ...more

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SunAngle Professional Suite

More sophisticated, robust, and well-documented version of SunAngle for people interested in better understanding the calculation methodology or ...more

Integrated Building Performance Analysis (fee-based) (UK)

IES offers 3D performance analysis software that has been used to design tens of thousands of energy efficient buildings across the globe. Their ...more

Heat Gain and Loss Short Form Calculator

Free Load Calculator by Mr. HVAC


Solar Noon Calculator Printable (Global)

The time of solar noon depends on the Equation of Time and on the difference in longitude between your location and the standard meridian of the ...more

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Ellensburg Solar (Washington State, USA)

Ellensburg Solar serves Washington State for both residential and commercial solar installations.


Ellensburg Canyon Winery (Washington State, USA)

Cox Canyon Vineyards in Washington State USA practices sustainable farming methods over its five acres in cultivation, including supporting ...more

Solar Wineries in California (USA)

These solar wineries are using sun power energy systems to provide electric needs for their winery and other facilities on their estates such as ...more

SolarCraft (California USA)

SolarCraft provides solar photovoltaic power systems for farms and vineyards in California, providing a clean, stable and low-cost source of ...more

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