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Straw Bale House made for $50,000 Video

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Build a Wind Generator Video

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Desert Living Center RMI Video





Green Architecture and Green Building

Desert Living Center Evening

The Desert Living Center is comprised of five buildings located at the 180-acre Las Vegas Springs Preserve.  ©2011 Harris Consulting Engineers

Desert Living Center Exhibits Arid Green

The Desert Living Center (DLC) is a 46,000-square foot environmental education complex that showcases green building methods, materials and technologies for a desert climate, including straw bale, rammed earth, and cooling towers that lower heating ...more

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Energy Modeling Software Tools Directory (USA)

Many of these tools are free to use and help with thermal design, acoustics, heating, cooling, heat loss and gain, daylighting, shading, energy ...more

Home Energy Efficient Design (HEED)

See how much energy and money you can save by making various design or remodeling changes to your home with this new easy-to-use program. You can ...more

Energy-10 Energy Simulation Software (fee-based)

For purchase from SBIC online store. ENERGY-10™ software is a powerful design tool that analyzes and illustrates the energy and cost savings ...more

Home Heat Loss Calculator (USA)

This calculator will provide an estimate of the heat loss for your home. It estimates the following: - The maximum heat loss in BTU/hr for a ...more

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Wisconsin Real Estate (USA)

Find or list homes for sale on the top real estate site in Wisconisin. In addition to listings, find resources such as articles about buying and ...more

Green Building Council of South Africa

The Green Building Council SA is an independent, non-profit company that was formed in 2007 to lead the greening of South Africa’s built ...more

Green Star South Africa (Africa)

The Green Building Council SA uses the Green Star South Africa rating system, based on the Australian system and customised for the South African ...more

Renewable Energy Resources Map (USA)

This renewable energy resources map from the USDA shows terminals in the US for biodiesel, RFG and ethanol. The Renewable Energy Resources map ...more

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