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Watch Twelve Essential Steps to Net Zero Energy

Twelve Essential Steps to Net Zero Energy Video

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Highline Park Design Video

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Highline Park NYC Video





Solar Architecture and Green Building

Let It Shine Book Cover

Let It Shine by John Perlin  ©2013 New World Library

Let It Shine - 6,000 Years of Solar Energy

If there's one, primary, ultimate book about humans' use of solar energy, this is it. Let It Shine by John Perlin tells the entire story of humankind’s use of solar energy, reaching back to stone age China, and then bringing the story all the way ...more

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SketchUp (Free)

Includes built-in sun so you can easily draw walls or windows with shading devices, trees, fins, etc.


Sundi (Germany)

Simulation program for irradiance calcs and shading analysis

- calculation and graphical presentation of sun orbit diagrams

- ...more

Degree Day Charts - Free

Weather is free, so data about weather should be free, right? So, here it is - free degree day and energy usage reports. Use them to track average ...more

Integrated Building Performance Analysis (fee-based) (UK)

IES offers 3D performance analysis software that has been used to design tens of thousands of energy efficient buildings across the globe. Their ...more

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Saving Energy at Home 2018

Saving energy saves money and makes solar or any power go farther! Vivint Solar provides these tips for being more efficient in using energy at ...more

Sustainable Business (USA)

Sustainable Business is a website resource that provides the following services toward a restorative economy: Daily Green Business News: concise ...more

Auckland Rooftop Solar Resources (New Zealand)

1) An average Auckland household consumes about 7000 kWh of electricity a year - what's your consumption?

2) Find your roof and click on ...more

Building Energy (Vermont, USA)

Building Energy is a solar, weatherization and energy efficiency construction company based out of Williston, Vermont, USA.

For commercial ...more

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