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Green Architecture and Green Building

Gardens by the Bay Solar Supertrees Evening

Solar Supertrees are vertical gardens in Gardens by the Bay in Singapore that are designed to mimic the ecological functions of real trees. Each structure is outfitted with an array of photovoltaic cells that collect and store solar energy throughout the day – power that’s used to illuminate the garden when the sun goes down each night. Their unique shape serves as rainwater collectors to help funnel water to fountain displays and irrigation systems.  ©2014 Gardens by the Bay

Solar Trees in City Gardens (Singapore)

A spectacular grove of solar trees is rooted along Marina Bay in Singapore as part of the 250-acre (101 hectares) Gardens by the Bay city park. Called Supertrees, they behave as vertical gardens - generating solar power, acting as exhaust air towers ...more

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Sombrero 3.01 (Germany)

A PC-tool to calculate shadows on arbitrarily oriented surfaces. For both, active use of solar energy (domestic hot water, photovoitaics) as well ...more

PV WATTS Calculator v 1.0

PVWATTS calculates electrical energy produced by a grid-connected photovoltaic (PV) system. Researchers at the National Renewable Energy ...more

Sol Path Sun Path Calculator

This tool provides a graphical representation of the sun's apparent path through the sky. It can be used to rapidly determine coarse sun angle ...more

Build It Solar

This website provides a selection of references and analysis tools for solar design - books, websites, publications and information on solar ...more

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Atelier One Structural Engineers (UK)

Over the years, Atelier One has worked with many architects, artists and designers, both within the UK and internationally. Completed projects ...more

Wilkinson Eyre Architects (UK)

Wilkinson Eyre Architects is among the UK’s leading design practices, and is responsible for a large portfolio of international projects. WE ...more

Atelier Ten Mechanical Electrical Engineers (UK)

Founded in 1990 in London by a team of progressive engineers, Atelier Ten has offices in Glasgow, Edinburgh, New York, New Haven, San Francisco, ...more

Fieldwire Construction App

An easy way for foremen, supers, and engineers to access blueprints and share information without leaving the jobsite. It works seamlessly on ...more

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