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Wind Energy in West Texas Video

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Khan Shatyr (Хан Шатыр) Interior Video

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Solar Updraft Tower EnviroMission Video





Solar Architecture and Green Building

Solar Camping

Take solar camping - for lighting, cooking, or charging appliances.  ©2016 Modernize

Summer Solar Camping Guide

By Danielle Baxter, MODERNIZE - Summer is the perfect season to get outside and explore Mother Nature, giving you an opportunity to help protect that natural beauty you love. At Modernize, we like to rely on solar power when we travel, rather than ...more

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Psychrometrics Calculator for Mixed Air Properties

Wind Project Calculator (USA)

The Wind Project Calculator was developed to assist you in performing cash flow modeling for community wind projects. You will need to enter ...more

Solar Site Survey (USA)

Evaluating Your Site For Solar Energy
There are two basic questions to answer to determine if solar can work well at your location: Does ...more

Solar Radiation Data Manual Online (USA)

The Solar Radiation Data Manual for Flat-Plate and Concentrating Collectors is available on the RReDC in HTML and PDF format. Individual PDF files ...more

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Sun Day Solar (Charlottesville, Virginia, USA)

SunDaySolar, an Entero Energy company, is located in Charlottesville VA, and has been installing and maintaining solar thermal and solar ...more

Green + Productive Workplaces Online Tool (Fee-Based)

Green + Productive Workplace is an online tool that assess office design elements that balance sustainability with employee wellness, comfort and ...more

Vegetable Gardens for Kids

By Growing Raw

The best vegetable gardens for kids provide healthy snacks while kids are on the go, as well as opportunities to ...more

Modern Off-Grid Living Blog

Henrik Rosendahl is a serial high-tech entrepreneur living in Napa Valley north of San Francisco, California. He designed and built Napa ...more

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