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Utah Passive House (Mill Creek, Utah, USA)

Credits: ©2009 Our Passive House

There's a website called Our Passive House, where the owners are documenting the design and construction of the first Passive House in Utah. The owners are on Twitter @ourpassivehouse. Designed by Brach Design, Utah's first certified Passive House consultant, this energy-efficient home fits in to the context of the established neighborhood where its two-door style mirrors a look that's already common with many existing homes. When completed, the 3,000 square-foot home should show high energy performance numbers. It features passive design, photovoltaics, solar hot water, super insulation and many other design ideas.


Utah Passive House (Millcreek, Utah, USA)

©2009 Brach Design

Our Passive House by the Numbers:
heating degree days - 4838

cooling degree days  - 1278

finished floor area - 180 sq. m, 3000 sq. ft

foundation continuous spread footing, insulated with 2" high density EPS foam

basement wall - ICF with interior 2x4 wall, insulated with high density fiberglass

wall framing - 12" wide double stud wall, 24" on center

wall insulation - 12" blown in high density fiberglass

roof framing - prefabricated trusses

roof insulation - 24" blown in high density fiberglass

windows - foam-filled fiberglass frames, double pane glazing with suspended film and eco-spacers, argon/krypton fill, .51 SHGC south, .31 N, E, W; average overall total unit U-value : .18 Btu/hr ft2 =1.02 W/(m2K)

ventilation system - 95% sensible effectiveness ERV

heating system - 98% efficient gas tankless water heater with low temperature radiant tubing in slabs; domestic hot water same

cooling system -  40 SEER evaporative cooler

active system to become net zero
source energy 3.5 kW PV system

site energy 6.5 kW PV system


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