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Appalachian Students Fund Wind Turbine (USA)

Credits: ©2009 Appalachian State University

November 4, 2009 Boone, NC -- The Renewable Energy Initiative of Appalachian State University in Boone, NC installed a 100KW wind turbine successfully at the university-owned Broyhill Inn & Conference Center. The project, installed by Alteris Renewables, is currently the largest wind development in the state of North Carolina. "With the installation of this wind turbine Appalachian State has sent a strong message about the importance of fighting climate change." Bob Chew, president of the Wind Division of Alteris Renewables. The Renewable Energy Initiative committee consists of seven student members that vote on committee decisions and five faculty/staff advisors that assist in the implementation of renewable energy systems on campus. The REI is charged with funds generated by a student green fee that is used towards bringing renewable energy technology to Appalachian State University. Some of the other projects orchestrated by the group are a biodiesel filling station for the university bus system, several photovoltaic arrays, and multiple solar thermal systems. In addition to administering the use of these funds, the REI is intent on promoting awareness of the benefits of renewable energy, green building and the importance of reducing our carbon footprints. The turbine is unique from other REI projects not only because it is the first incorporation of wind energy, but also because the committee partnered with the local utility, New River Light & Power, to finance the project. (Scroll to bottom for additional resources.)


Appalachian State University Turbine in Boone North Carolina

From the town of Boone, North Carolina, a large wind turbine is seen on the campus of Appalachian State University. The student-run Renewable Energy Initiative of Appalachian State University installed a 100KW wind turbine at the university-owned Broyhill Inn & Conference Center. ©2009 asterismos

The Senior Class of 2009 also made a contribution to the turbine. Alteris Renewables, recently ranked as the fastest growing renewable energy company in the Northeast, installed the Northwind 100KW wind turbine.

“With the installation of this wind turbine Appalachian State has sent a strong message about the importance of fighting climate change,” said Bob Chew, president of the Wind Division of Alteris Renewables, “Alteris Renewables is pleased to have helped make this project a success.”

About Appalachian State University

Located in the Blue Ridge Mountains of northwestern North Carolina, Appalachian State University has built a national reputation for providing outstanding academics. Nestled at the base of Howard's Knob, the university is located in downtown Boone, NC (year-round pop. 15,000), a small town which thrives as one of the Southeast's premier tourism and outdoor recreation destinations. The nearby Blue Ridge Parkway and Pisgah National Forest provide a beautiful natural setting with unlimited possibilities for outdoor adventure.

About Alteris Renewables

Alteris Renewables is the largest design-build renewable energy company in the Northeast, with more than 2,250 completed installations across six states. Ranked as one of the top ten fastest growing energy companies in the Inc. 500, Alteris provides turn-key solar electric (photovoltaic or PV), solar thermal, and wind energy solutions for commercial, residential, education, government and institutional clients. The company has industry-leading expertise in engineering, design, project management, performance analysis, project financing and

renewable energy credit programs. More information about the company can be found on their website www.AlterisInc.com.

The Northwind 100 turbine manufactured by Northern Power Systems of Vermont was installed by Alteris Renewables headquarted in Wilton, Conn. Installation of the turbine began June 15, which was Global Wind Day. The wind turbine is located behind the Broyhill Inn and Conference center on campus. It sits atop a 121-foot tower. Each of its three blades is 34 feet long.

The $533,000 project was funded by Appalachian students through a $5 Renewable Energy Initiative fee collected each semester. Students approved the REI fee by referendum in 2004.

New River Light and Power contributed approximately 50 percent of the project’s cost. The Senior Class of 2009 also contributed to the project.

The wind turbine has the potential to generate approximately 145,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity per year, roughly equivalent to the electricity needs of about 10-15 typical households in the South per year.

Crystal Simmons, student project manager for the turbine installation, said, “This is very much a student-led achievement, from the funds raised by the student body to the long, arduous conversations by REI members about the turbine project.”

“Appalachian State University and the student-led Renewable Energy Initiative on campus are setting a solid example for the next generation of energy use in North Carolina,” said Bob Chew, president of the Wind Business unit of Alteris Renewables. “The fact that the students felt strongly enough about this project to contribute funds to help make this turbine installation possible should be a source of pride for Appalachian State University.”

Other REI funded projects on campus are a photovoltaic array in front of Raley Hall and a solar thermal system that will provide hot water to Plemmons Student Union.

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North Carolina Wind Energy (USA)

Energy Center at Appalachian State University (North Carolina, USA)