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Three Sisters Bioshelter

Credits: ©2009 Three Sisters Farm

The Bioshelter at Three Sisters Farm is a year round organic garden,compost facility, chicken house, potting room, kitchen and storage barn in one. The indoor garden is managed as an ecosystem. Based on work by the New Alchemy Institute in Massachusetts and other solar greenhouses, the bioshelter is a state of the art ecostructure.


Three Sisters Farm Bioshelter

©2009 Three Sisters

The bioshelter acts as the heart of Three Sisters Farm..We offer consultation on solar greenhouse design, construction and management. The bioshelter is used to grow a winter salad of mixed greens, as well as herbs, flowers and transplants for the farm's four acres of gardens. The term bioshelter implies a solar greenhouse but more describes an ecological management strategy to encourage natural pest control. Since 1989 we have been evolving our plant mix and seasonal cycles as we learn from nature in the bioshelter.

The bioshelter is heated by the sun and firewood. Heat and CO2 are recovered from indoor compost chambers and used to provide bottom heat to deep growing beds. Additional heat and CO2 from the small flock of chickens also enriches the growing beds.

Since 1989 Three Sisters Farm has been growing and marketing organic produce from our bioshelter ( solar greenhouse ) and gardens. Principles of Permaculture Design are used to guide farm development as an ecological system.

We are located in rural Mercer County, in western Pa, 5 miles north of Sandy Lake. Our address is 134 Obitz Road, Sandy Lake, Pa. 16145 phone:724- 376-2797

Three Sisters Permaculture Design is a Consultation and Education Service.We offer consultation on organic farming, greenhouse design and management,constructed wetlands for waste water treatment, ecological landuse planning, permaculture designs , gardening, landscaping, native plants and More. Our education programs include: permaculture courses and workshops, gardening and cooking classes and More.