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CalRENEW-1 Brings Zero Emission Power

Credits: ©2010 CleanTech America

Utility scale solar farm commences operations in California, USA.

CalRENEW-1, the first utility-scale photovoltaic solar project to be interconnected to PG&E's transmission system under California's Renewables Portfolio Standard (RPS) program, has begun commercial operation, announced Cleantech America, the project developer. The landmark project will provide 5 megawatts of emission-free peaking solar electricity to PG&E under a long-term power purchase agreement.



CalRENEW-1’s more than 50,000 solar panels occupy almost fifty acres of land in a mostly industrial sector of Mendota, a town in the Central Valley north and west of Fresno, California, USA. ©2010 CleanTech America

"We are proud that CalRENEW-1 is the first such solar facility to achieve commercial operation and we look forward to providing PG&E with zero emission, peaking solar power," said Bill Overholt, CEO of Cleantech America. "CalRENEW-1 moves California one step further into its renewable energy future and demonstrates the viability of utility-scale PV solar as a renewable peaking resource."

Cleantech America is the U.S. renewable development subsidiary of Meridian Energy Ltd. of Wellington, New Zealand. CalRENEW-1 is the company's first U.S. solar farm to go into operation and is a model for its U.S. growth strategy. Meridian is the largest state-owned electricity generator in New Zealand and generates power entirely from renewable resources.

CalRENEW-1 consists of more than 50,000 solar panels covering almost 50 acres.

Development and construction of the solar farm created scores of green collar jobs and solar installer training opportunities in the Central Valley. Successful completion of the project on schedule and budget demonstrates Cleantech America's competence to marshal and manage the many resources necessary to complete large-scale renewable projects and bring them into commercial operation.

CalRENEW-1 is one of the most advanced photovoltaic solar facilities in the world, helping California meet its stringent renewable energy and carbon reduction goals.

Avoided emissions from CalRENEW-1 will be an estimated 6.3 million lbs/year of CO2, the primary source of global warming and climate change, plus 6,905 lbs/year of NOx and 5,451 lbs/year of SO2 (source: EPA eGRID2002 database).

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  CalRenew1 Fact Sheet (231 kb)