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LandArks Are Sun Powered, Wool Filled

Credits: ©2010 Tensen Buildings

A sustainable housing solution that blends comfortably with the surrounding landscape, and with a minimal carbon footprint, is being produced in the United Kingdom. The creatives at Tensen Eco Buildings offer landARK zero carbon off grid homes that are powered with sunlight and wind. Spacious enough for eight people, the super-insulated homes ensure that they are warm in winter and remain cool in summer. The draught-proof homes don’t involve overuse of concrete. Instead, they are made from natural building materials such as timber, sedum, etc. While the solar water heaters connected to water tanks offer hot showers to the occupants, firewood keeps them warm in winter. The trendy abodes come covered with sedum roofs to coalesce with the surrounding greenery.


LandArk Community

LandARKs are zero energy, off-grid, small prefab homes constructed in the UK with timber framing and erected in four days by a team of five. Renewable energy provides power and hot water. ©2010 ZED Factory

These small abodes can function as a home or an office, and can sleep up to eight people. They are cozy in winter and cool in summer, and are constructed from healthy, natural materials. Superinsulation from sheep’s wool keeps the diminutive homes draft-proof, and in winter logs are burned for heat. Solar thermal provides hot showers.

LandArks perch on the land without needing expensive foundations or concrete. They are powered from sunlight for most of the year, or by wind in mid-winter. The homes do not need a connection to drains or meters unless the residents need it. The basic packages include a water tank with options to connect to a standpipe. The weatherboard siding blends with the landscape, as does a sedum roof.

Inside, furnishings include built-in modular futon sofas, desks and office storage. The heating system is comprised of a small wood stove and flue.

Renewable energy includes a photovoltaic array that can be oriented through 360 degrees. PVs also provide durable monocrystalline solar-powered lighting and laptop charging. For sites that are exposed to the prevailing wind, a wind turbine augments power for extra winter charge.

A composting toilet handles waste, and a wash basin is filled by a rainwater harvesting system.

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