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Kitchen Remodel Goes Green (and Orange)

Credits: ©2006 Robin Rogers

A 1979 kitchen received a makeover in 2006. Designed by Robin Rogers, the new kitchen opens up to daylighting and views of the lake, replaces old materials with more sustainable and non-toxic ones, and doubles cabinet and circulation space. Old appliances were recycled and replaced with Energy Star-rated equipment. Carpeting was replaced with durable, easy-to-maintain slate tile flooring. Low-VOC paints provide warm color. Original plumbing connections and vents were retained; new electrical outlets and dimmable lights were added. Easy-to-clean granite countertops sit atop cabinets from Ikea that are made from sustainably harvested wood, with non-toxic finishes; they are not glued onto the walls so can be salvaged or recycled in the future. Hardwood trim was salvaged and reused, and hardwood flooring was completely refinished. The utility area flooring was replaced with linoleum, and a breakfast bar adds more usable dining and work space.


Kitchen Green Remodel Color

A wall was removed to open the kitchen to views of a lake, and slate tile replaced damaged wood and carpeting. A glue-lam was installed with increased column support where the wall was removed. ©2006 Robin Rogers


  Kitchen Green Remodel in Kirkland, Washington (271 kb)