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Neo Solar Power's Origami HQ (Taiwan)

Credits: ©2011 Neo Solar Power

When it came time to design a new headquarters building in Taiwan, Neo Solar Power’s (NSP) own products were installed on the roof with a capacity of 18.62KWp. The design of the building itself is emblematic of transferring light energy to electric power with solar panels as its continuous glazed surface creates an undulating façade that resembles a stretched accordion. The floor-to-ceiling windows allow for daylighting - saving energy that would otherwise be required for artificial lighting. The half-unit glass and aluminum curtain walls are sectioned into eight trapezoidal units, finished with more than 350 glass pane shapes. The perimeter of each floor varies with the advancing and recessing surface walls. A curved steel beam serves as the fixed end of the curtain walls.


Neo Solar Power Entry

The Neo Solar Power Corporation headquarters building in Taiwan is topped with photovoltaics above folded, glazed exterior walls. ©2011 J. J. Pan Architects

Designed by J. J. Pan & Partners, the ground floor of this north-facing building has a high-ceilinged foyer and an auditorium. Plus, a staff restaurant is curtained with panoramic glass walls facing the central green belt outside. The 2nd to 7th floors are research spaces, and the 8th floor is executive offices. The 5-story manufacturing plant on the south side is built with a damping diagonal bracing structure. The heightened basement air raid shelter and garage are designed to meet future parking needs for a Phase II expansion.

To present a light, transparent look and to induce greenery indoors, the large glass exterior walls of the office building are complemented with movable vertical blinds to shield light from the north. The alcove spaces formed alongside the exterior wall are employed as R&D discussion and lounging alcoves to effectively utilize the irregular spaces.

With a vision of providing clean and renewable energy, NSP was founded in December 2005 as a solar cell manufacturer specializing in research, development, and manufacturing of high efficiency solar cells. Neo Solar last year began construction on a southern Taiwan operations hub that is expected to produce 3.4GW of solar cells by 2014 and up to 4.2 GW. The company’s production of solar cells is about 620MW to 800MW. In 2010, the firm targeted the following average conversion efficiencies for its solar panels: multi-crystalline at 17.2 percent, and mono-crystalline at 18.5 percent.


J. J. Pan & Partners Architects (Taiwan)

Neo Solar Power (Taiwan)