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Summer Solar Camping Guide

Credits: ©2016 Modernize / Danielle Baxter

By Danielle Baxter, MODERNIZE - Summer is the perfect season to get outside and explore Mother Nature, giving you an opportunity to help protect that natural beauty you love. At Modernize, we like to rely on solar power when we travel, rather than using more harmful energy sources. Here are a few tips that will enable you to explore the outdoors in an eco-conscious manner.


Solar Camping

Take solar camping - for lighting, cooking, or charging appliances. ©2016 Modernize

Solar Cooking
Food tops the priority list when it comes to vacations and camping trips. Where will you eat? When will you eat? Solar cookers are portable and use the sun’s natural energy to heat up your food. They are incredibly handy for backpacking, camping, and even long car rides.

The Solar Kettle boils water in just two hours. It only weighs a few pounds, which makes it great for backpacking or hiking trips. It also sterilizes and desalinates water to make it potable—something that could save your life! 

SolSource is a solar oven that can cook just about anything you’d put on a grill. Just point the metal panels toward the sun to reflect heat to the cooking surface. From cooking burgers to hot dogs, chicken, beans, and breakfast foods, this cooker makes your meal in a matter of minutes.

Solar Lighting
Telling creepy stories by the campfire? Power up that flashlight all day with the sun’s energy. Whether you need lanterns, USB lights, torches, or flashlights, you can light up your path or camping space with a host of solar lighting options.

Models like the Lighthouse 250 Lantern and USB Power Hub are multifunctional and can run for up to 48 hours. Use the brighter LED light or conserve the charge by switching to a dimmable directional light. This lantern charges from a solar panel, USB port, or the included hand crank. You can even hook up small handhelds through the USB port.

Solar Glamping
“Glamping” is a new term to describe glamourous camping. If you like to be extra cozy and have convenient amenities when you camp, you’re in luck. There are some pretty cool solar accessories out there, like rechargable speakers that play your favorite tunes. No more out-of-tune guitar around the campfire! Get the party started with a rechargeable speaker like Rock Out 2, which can last for 20 hours and recharge in just two. You can connect any device with an audio output jack. It even comes with a storage case to protect the tech from the elements.

And if you love your cell phone, you can charge it up on the go as well, using solar power. Solar chargers like Powertraveller can charge various mobile devices, from e-readers to smartphones and tablets. It’s powered by the sun, even in low light or on a cloudy day. And just like the speakers, it comes packed in a durable case.

Solar-Powered Parks
You can find campgrounds that rely on solar energy all over the country. Texas’ solar-powered parks stretch from Lake Arrowhead State Park in Wichita Falls to State Park Region 4 HQ in Houston. These parks conserve natural resources by utilizing solar panels to create sustainable energy. Staying at one of these parks will help reduce pollution and waste, and you won’t even know the difference. Go green on vacation and help our environment at the same time!

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