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Our BatchGeo world MAP shows the locations of green architecture, green building and renewable energy projects featured on Solaripedia.


Patagonia PV Parking Canopies (Ventura, California, USA)


A significant portion of Patagonia's existing surface parking lot was enhanced by adding a system of elevated photovoltaic panels, which both generate power for the campus and reduce the heat-island effect by shielding the paved surfaces. The Patagonia campus is located approximately 65 miles northwest of Los Angeles on the western edge of the city of Ventura, close to the Ventura River and ocean beaches. In response to the regional setting, climate and existing conditions, the concept for an urban, sustainable campus was developed to supports Patagonia's culture and identifies this location as the company's corporate headquarters. The campus will be an expression of Patagonia's stewardship for the environment and community.


Patagonia PV Parking Area (Ventura, California, USA)

Imagine a parking lot that’s inviting enough for a picnic. What had been a sea of asphalt was developed as inviting space for Patagonia’s employees in Ventura, California, that happens to be shared with cars. ©2009 Van Atta Associate Landscape Architecture