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About Us

Green Design & Building Professionals

Solaripedia is an extensive database for green architecture, green building and green development using solar, wind, passive and other sustainable strategies. This site contains thousands of files and links to pertinent info, and an easy-to-use search tool. You may also submit your own links for a company, article, people, products and projects. The idea is to provide as much free information as possible on sustainable building and related organizations so that people anywhere in the world can share and learn what they need to know to create smarter, more sustainable built environments. Solaripedia is strictly an online resource to keep our footprint as low as possible. We will attempt to answer online inquiries, and we will consider adding new resources if you care to send them to us.

Our only revenue streams are through the website ads and donations to the site.

Disclaimer for Use of Images
Solaripedia is an educational website that provides free information on sustainable design and building. Images and text are often used from other sources, with credit provided if known. If the owner of the images or text objects to its use on Solaripedia, please notify robin@solaripedia.com and we will immediately disable the information in question and remove it from our database. As Solaripedia provides information for free and has little income itself, there will be no payment for the use of any information on the website.

We are happy to share Solaripedia articles. Please be sure to attribute the writer and Solaripedia as the original source and link to the Solaripedia article at the beginning of your repost. You are also welcome to post just the beginning of an article with a link to Solaripedia to continue reading. Please also send an email to info@solaripedia.com with a link to the republished article or feature on your site. Articles that are not original to Solaripedia are credited to the original author(s); please follow the guidelines above for republishing such content.

Solaripedia was established in 2008 by Robin Rogers.

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About Robin Rogers, Founder
Since 1999 Robin has worked in sustainable design and building, and was a contributor to the development of a national green building standard and guidelines. Robin's Master of Architecture thesis from Virginia Tech was focused on passive solar, and she became a LEED AP in 2002. SOLARIPEDIA is the result of a personal commitment to furthering the use of solar and other sustainable strategies in our built environment. This website was developed in conjunction with Cory Crocker of WebKey (see below). Robin was the designer of Rocky Top Living, a ten-home community being built near Yakima, Washington, that features passive and sustainable strategies. Robin is a member of the Northwest EcoBuilding Guild, an alliance concerned with ecological building in the Pacific Northwest.

Recent articles by Robin:
Primland Conservation a Priority
Mountlake Terrace Transit Center Gets Solar Power Boost
Tani Creek Farm Grows Plants, Power near Seattle
Home Is Where the Health Is
The Power of the Sun

Article about Robin on GreenLandLady.com:
Solaripedia Founder's Tips for Multifamily

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About Francesca Lyman, Managing Editor
Francesca is a freelance writer, editor and invited speaker on environmental and health issues. She is a featured author on Contently where her many articles reveal a distinguished career in environmental journalism. She is the former editor of several environmental magazines and adjunct professor, Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art. Her MSNBC column won the Society of Environmental Journalists' First Prize for excellence in environmental reporting. She is the author of an early book on global warming, The Greenhouse Trap (Beacon Press, 1990) and a children's book, Inside the Dzanga Sangha Rainforest (Workman, 1998). Francesca is available for freelance writing, consulting and speaking through EcoSpeakers. Many of her articles are available on this website by typing "lyman" into the search box.

Recent articles by Francesca:
Truth in the Rough
How to Safely and Legally Capture the Rain

The Ever-Changing Landscape of E-Waste Recycling

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About Cory Crocker
Cory Crocker is a project manager and web developer with Webkey. He works with organizations focused on green building strategies and has designed databases for clients such as the US Green Building Council, US Air Force, Environmental Works, US Peace Corps, the Fijian Government, and King County. He holds a Master of Architecture degree and is a LEED AP. Cory co-authored the LEED Reference Guide 2.0 and developed the electronic tools for project certification. He also programmed the LEED Rating System into a fully functional database used to manage green building projects and certify LEED projects.  Cory and his team at Webkey are currently developing online rating systems for Greenroads.us, Washington Green Schools, and the Federal Highway Administration.

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