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Tools for Solar Architecture and Green Building

Many of these tools are free online. If not, the tool is listed as "fee-based." These tools can help you design and build sustainably!

Tool Documents

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  Climates of the World Temp and Precip

©1991 NOAA


  Energy Audit Workbook Washington State

©2003 WSU


  Energy Auditor Checklist (Washington State, USA)

©2003 WSU


  Finding True South

©2009 Home Power Magazine


  Green Star Energy Calculator Guide (Companion to GS Residential Energy Benchmarking)

©2008 Green Star Australia


  Load Evaluation Worksheet

©2009 Wholesale Solar


  Meeting Room Design

©2014 Convene


  PV Wire Sizing Worksheet

©2009 Home Power Magazine


  Rainwater Harvest Calculator (Seattle, Washington, USA)

©2010 City of Seattle


  Rainwater Harvest Calculator for Tank Size (UK)

©2010 RainWaterHarvesting.co.uk


  Rainwater Harvesting for Drylands Calculations

©2006 Brad Lancaster


  Rainwater Harvesting Tank Size Calculator (Texas, USA)

©2010 Center for Rainwater Harvesting


  Real Goods Solar Resources List (2009)

©2009 Real Goods


  SkyCalc Users Guide

©2009 Energy Design Resources


  Skylighting Guidelines Series of 7 Documents

©2009 Energy Design Resources


  Solar Elevation Azimuth Gage

©2010 Build It Solar


  Solar Financial Analysis Calculator

©2006 Andy Black


  Solar Heat Gain through Windows Calculator

©2015 Cold Climate Housing Research Center, Alaska


  Solar Hot Water System Sizing Spreadsheet

©2009 Home Power Magazine


  Solar Panel Angles for Various Latitudes

©2012 ITACA


  Solar Radiation Data Manual (USA)


  Solar Technologies Spreadsheet 2011


  Solar Thermal Sizing for Heliodyne Gobi Collectors

©2010 Heliodyne


  Solargy Area Weighted Average Calc Worksheet


  Solargy Fenestration Maximum Allowed Area Worksheet


  Solargy Solar Heat Gain Coefficient Worksheet


  Solargy Solar Water Heating Calculation Form


  Solargy Thermal Mass Worksheet


  SRI (Solar Reflectance Index) Calculator Worksheet

©2014 USEPA


  Sun Chart: Determination of Solar Exposure (Seattle, WA, USA)

©2009 City of Seattle


  Total Sky Imager Forecast Tool White Paper 2011

©2011 UC San Diego


  Total Sky Imager Solar Forecast Tool Powerpoint 2011

©2011 UC San Diego


  Water Storage Freeze Calculator

©2015 Cold Climate Housing Research Center, Alaska