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Terms for Architecture, Green Building & Energy

This glossary includes more than 300 solar terms, as well as hundreds of additional sustainable design and construction terms.

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Light Shelf

Definition 1: Light shelves are used primarily to enhance daylight levels within a space. The upper surface of a light shelf is reflective to deflect sunlight upwards onto the ceiling of a room. This deflection enables enhanced penetration of sunlight and reduced dependence upon artificial lighting.

Definition 2: A light shelf is an architectural element that allows daylight to penetrate deep into a building. This horizontal light-reflecting overhang is placed above eye-level and has a high-reflectance upper surface. This surface is then used to reflect daylight onto the ceiling and deeper into a space. Light shelves are generally made of an extruded aluminium chassis system and aluminium composite panel surfaces. Extruded components can be painted or anodized and they are all field fabricated and assembled from stock lengths.