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Zephyr Solar Powered Flight 2008 Video

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Tomorrow House (Construison Demain) Video

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Residential Green Architecture & Building

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AustriaHaus Brings Passive House To Canada

Adapted from JANE ARMSTRONG’s article in Globe and Mail

When the 2010 Winter Games got under way in Whistler, the ...more


Blue House Is Passive Green (Seattle, USA)

Hurley’s first task was to dispose of the existing 550 square feet. The architectural salvage company Second Use cherry-picked the old ...more


Going Green At The Beach (Washington State, USA)

Sustainable Home: Going Green at the Beach
by Robin Rogers LEED AP
Originally published January 9, ...more

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DOE-2 calculates the hourly energy use and energy cost of a commercial or residential building given information about the building's climate, ...more

Heat Gain and Loss Short Form Calculator

Free Load Calculator by Mr. HVAC


HEED Free Software (USA)

See how much energy and money you can save by making various design or remodeling changes to your home with this new easy-to-use program. You can ...more

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100 Percent Solar Powered House (UK) Video Link

A family in England has installed solar panels, with which their house generates electricity. It's cheap to install and they don't have to pay ...more

1BOG - One Block Off Grid (USA)

Group discounts help you and your community buy solar energy! 1BOG (One Block Off the Grid) organizes big groups of people together who want to ...more

Adobe House in Winter Video

This snippet is an exerpt of a for-sale video by Andrey Shadrov. It is warm, comfortable and ecological to live in adobe house, even in winter, - ...more

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