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Farmers Market Blacksburg VA Profile Video

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Vertical Axis Wind Turbine Power System

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Commercial Solar and Green Building

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Aquatic Center Makes PV Splash (Oregon)

The city of Portland is known for its progressive approach to sustainability. In 2008, it was named the top green city in the United States by ...more


Hundertwasser’s Forested Roofs And Rooms

The following article is about the only Hundertwasser building in the US, a winery in California.
Where the Winery Itself ...more


Fipke Centre Awarded Five Green Globes

"One of the great innovations in this building is the geo-exchange technology," says David Roche, Development Manager for UBC Properties Trust. He ...more

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COMFEN 2.1 beta

COMFEN is a tool designed to support the systematic evaluation of alternative fenestration systems for project-specific commercial building ...more


DOE-2 calculates the hourly energy use and energy cost of a commercial or residential building given information about the building's climate, ...more

Photovoltaic Power Model Software

Photovoltaic (PV) modules (or solar panels) produce electricity using renewable solar energy. Refer to the Components of PV Systems - Modules ...more

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1BOG - One Block Off Grid (USA)

Group discounts help you and your community buy solar energy! 1BOG (One Block Off the Grid) organizes big groups of people together who want to ...more

Adam Joseph Lewis Center for Environmental Studies

Part of the larger education of the Oberlin community aimed to promote the practical skills and analytic abilities necessary to reweave the human ...more

AirRenew Gypsum Board by CertainTeed Gypsum

CertainTeed's line of AirRenew gypsum board is designed to improve indoor air quality. AirRenew captures VOC's, specifically formaldehyde and ...more

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