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Green Architecture, Building & Renewable Energy

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350.org Animation Video

Adobe House in Winter Video

Aerotecture Wind Turbine

Airstream Demolition Australia Video

Alaska Bioshelter Solar Greenhouse Video (USA)

Aldo Leopold Center Video

Algae-Powered Lamp

Algae-powered Lamp Video Link

Alpha Ventus Wind Farm Video

Amazing SOLAR and WIND Powered VAN Video

Amory Lovins Interview Video

Amory Lovins RMI House Video

Apartment Complex Goes Solar Video (California)

Appalachia Jobs Project Video

Architects in Nature Video

Architecture 2030 Explained Video

ArcoSanti - Mini Documentary Video (Paolo Soleri)

Arcosanti by Kelly Loudenberg Video

Arcosanti Video

Arizona Western College Solar Array Video

Art Tec Solar Thermal System in Maine Video

Atlanta Earth Ministry Solar Power Project Video

AustriaHaus Passive House Video

Bali Green School About Video

Bali Green School by TwoParrot Video

Bali Green School Founder John Hardy Video

Bali Green School on CNN Video

Bali Green School Overview Video

Bali Green School Time Lapse Video

Ballard Library Green Roof Part 1 Video

Ballard Library Green Roof Part 2 Video

Ballard Library Interior Video

Ballard Library Vegetated Roof Brief Video

BedZED - Beddington Zero Energy Dev Video

BedZed Architect Interview Video

BedZed from Italia Quark TV Video

Bertschi School Science Wing SIPs Video

Bethesda Zero Home Construction Tour PART 1 of 2

Bethesda Zero Home Construction Tour PART 2 of 2

Bio Bug Poop-Powered Car Video

BioDome Wastewater Treatment Video

Biohaus (Minnesota, USA)

Bjerringbro Natural Science Center Video (Danish)

Bosarge Education Center Grand Opening Video

Build a Wind Generator Video

Bulbdial Clock Video

California Academy of Science Video HD

California Academy of Sciences (San Francisco, CA, USA)

California Academy of Sciences Veg Roof Video

Canton Tower Construction Images Video

Canton Tower on CNN Video

Cargotecture in Kansas City Video

Cargotecture Video

Cell Tower with Solar Wind Qatar Video

Center for Alternative Technology EcoVillage Video

Centre for Alternative Technology (Wales) Video

Cheap Solar Power MIT

Chesapeake Bay Foundation HQ Interview Video

Chevrolet Volt Tested in Virginia Green House

CK Choi Bldg University BC Video

Clif Bar Green HQ Part 1 of 3 Video

Clif Bar Green HQ Part 2 of 3 Video

Clif Bar Green HQ Part 3 of 3 Video

Coachella Wind Turbines California Video

Construction of Wind Turbine Video

Cornell's Solar House Video

Deng, Solar Electric for Rural Comm. (Ghana)

Denver Airport Green Parking EV Juice Bar Video

Denver Airport Green Parking Opening Video

Denver Airport Green Parking Video

Desalination SeaPanel Solar Video

Desalination the Answer to Water Shortage Video

Desalination Via Solar Animation Video

Desalination Via Solar Satellites Video

Desalination Watercome Solar Still Video

Desalination with Solar and Wind Power Video

Desalination with Solar Power in India Video

Desert Living Center RMI Video

Desert Living Center Timelapse Video

Desert Living Center Video

Design with Nature Architect Nader Khalili

Dish 500MW Solar Power Plant Video

Disney Sundial Building Video

Disposable Cardboard House Video

DIY Cheap Solar Panel Video

DIY Small Home Solar Video

DIY Solar Panel System Cost Video

DIY Solar PV Installation

Do Wind Turbines Make Noise Video

Dockside Green Developer Interview Video

Dockside Green Nexterra Energy Video

Dome House Built in a Day (Japan)

Dosa Restaurant San Francisco Video

Dreamfield Organic House Video

Druk White Lotus School Video

E-Waste Animation Video

Earth Centre Airsoft Video

Earth Centre RIP Video

Earth Dome Diary Video (Nepal)

Eco Tent Animation Video

Eco-Dome Time-Lapse Video

EcoMachine Founder John Todd Video

Ecomachine John Todd Video

EcoSense House Builder Speaks Video

EcoSense House Vancouver Canada Video

Eden Project Video

Edmonds WA Community Solar Cooperative Video

Eko Kuca Eco House Serbia Video

Eko Kuca Self Heating Eco House Serbia Video

Eko Kuca Veljko Milkovic Serbia Video

Electronic Waste Video

Ellensburg WA City Aerial Video

Ellis Residence PV Installation Video

Ellis Residence Vegetated Roof Video

Enercon E126 Wind Turbine Video

Evaluating Energy Solutions to Climate Change Video

Explaining Green Computing Video

Farmers Market Blacksburg VA Profile Video

Farmers Market Blacksburg VA Video

Fastest Solar Car in the World Video

Fatal Attraction Birds & Wind Turbines Video

Ferrari Museum Video

Finca Rosa Blanca Eco Resort in Costa Rica

Floating Solar Sheeplands UK Video

Floating Wind Turbine Pilot Video

Francis Kere Architect Video

Free Sail

Freiburg Solar Village Video (Germany)

Fresnel Lens Sun Collector

Garbage Warrior Film - Earthship Architect Michael Reynolds

Generation G Green School Video

Geothermal Energy EcoKids Video

Giant Ant Hill Excavated Video

Global Green Challenge 1 of 3 Video

Global Green Challenge 2 of 3 Video

Global Green Challenge 3 of 3 Video

GO Home Passive House Maine Video

GO Home Passive House Maine Video 1 of 2

GO Home Passive House Maine Video 2 of 2

Godrej Business Centre Video

Great River Energy LEED Mechanical Systems Video

Great River Energy Video

Green Accessible Home Virginia Video

Green Building Louisville WHYS Video

Habitat for Humanity LEED Platinum Video

Hammarby Sjöstad in Stockholm (HD) Video

Heifer International Green Building Video

Helios House Gas Station Video

Helix Wind Turbine

Hemcrete at BRE UK Video

Hemcrete Video

Hemp and Lime Construction at WISE Video

Hemp House Video

Henderson Community Center Video

Here Comes the Sun Video

Here Comes the Sun Video

Highline Park Architect Walk Through Video

Highline Park Design Video

Highline Park Fly-Through Animation Design Video

Highline Park History Video

Highline Park NYC Video

History Project Organic Architecture Video

Holy Wisdom Monastery Design Video

Holy Wisdom Monastery Green Features Video

Homemade Solar Water Heater Video

Homewood Greenhouse in Pittsburgh

Hope for Change Renewable Energy Video

Horse Hollow Wind Energy Center Video

How Coal Stacks up against Wind Video

How Does Wind Power Work Video

How It's Made - Solar Panels

How Photovoltaic Solar Cells Work Video

How PV Cells Produce Electricity Video

How Solar Energy Panels Work Video

How Solar Panels Make Power from the Sun Video

How Solar Works Video

Hundertwasser Architecture Video

Hundertwasser Exhibit Video

Hundertwasser Vienna Video

Hundertwasser Waldspirale Video

HundertwasserHaus Video

Hunter Lovins Biz Case for Protecting Climate Video

Hunter Lovins Interview Video

Hybrid Cars by EcoKids Video

Hybrid Solar Lighting Video

Hywind Floating Windmill Animation Video

Igloo Glass Dome Village Video

India Eco Friendly Houses Video

India's Greenest Building

Innovative Vertical Axis Wind Turbine

Inside a Wind Turbine Video

Installation of Solar Water Heater Video

Instantaneous Solar Water Heater Hot Water

International Space Station Parts Video

International Space Station Solar Arrays Video

International Space Station Video

Introduction to Solar Photovoltaics Video

Iran Kandovan Rock House Interior Video

Iran Kandovan Rock Houses Video

Iran Kandovan Rock Village Video

Iran's Kandovan Rock Village Video

ISEAMI (Costa Rica) Video

Islandwood Buildings that Teach Video

Israeli Solar Cell

Jaureguiberry Elementary School in Uraguay

Jay Leno Green Garage Video Part 1

Jay Leno Green Garage Video Part 2

Jay Leno's Garage: Wind Turbines Video

Khan Shatyr (Хан Шатыр) Centre Video

Khan Shatyr (Хан Шатыр) Interior Video

Khan Shatyr on World Business Video

Kohl's Stores Solar Video

Lighthouse by Kingspan Video

Living Machine System Video

Long Island Solar Farm Video

Los Vecinos Solar Apartments Video

Lumenhaus A Brighter Way Video

Lumenhaus Video

Lumenhaus Video

Lunar Greenhouse Prototype Demo Video

Maglev Wind Turbine

Mahiga Rainwater Court in Nyeri, Kenya

Make Your Own Solar Panels

Making Simple Solar Panels Video

Maracana Stadium Solar Powered Video

Market Value and Cost of Solar PV Electric Video

Melting Steel with Solar Power

Melting steel with solar power Video

Menara Mesiniaga Bioclimatic Skyscraper Video

Menara Mesiniaga Ken Yeang Interview Video

Metropol Parasol Aerial Video

Metropol Parasol Interview Video

Metropol Parasol Views Video

Micro Compact Home Walkthrough Video

Micro Houses by Richard Horden Video

Milwaukee Art Museum by Calatrava Thumbnail

Milwaukee Art Museum Info Video

Milwaukee Art Museum Timelapse Video

Milwaukee Art Museum Video

Milwaukee Art Museum Wings Open Video

Modern 'Morocco' Straw Bale House Video (California)

Motorcycle Solar Powered Video

Moving Windmills Kamkwamba Documentary Video

Nano Solar Video

Nanosolar Utility Panel Video

Nanotechnology Architecture Video

Nanotechnology Video

Napa Valley Solar Wine Video

Natick Farm Solar Power Video

Natural Instincts Straw Bale House

Net Zero Energy Design ASHRAE

NMSU Solar Furnace Video

Nokero Solar Bulb Lighting Communities Video

Nokero Solar Light Bulb Video

Nokero Solar Light Test Pakistan Video

Nokero Solar Lightbulb CNN Video

NOVA Saved By the Sun (Solar NanoPaint) Video

O2 Treehouses with Dustin Feider

Off Grid PV Solar

Off Grid Renewable Energy Part 1

Off Grid Renewable Energy Part 2

Off Grid Solar Electric System

Off-Shore Wind Helicopter Hoist Video

Ohio University Solar Composting Video

Omega Center Living Machine Video

Our Passive Solar House Explained Video

Partners In Health on 60 Minutes Video

Passiv Haus Dr Wolfgang Feist Interview Video (Pt 1 of 6)

Passiv Haus Dr Wolfgang Feist Interview Video (Pt 2)

Passiv Haus Dr Wolfgang Feist Interview Video (Pt 3)

Passiv Haus Dr Wolfgang Feist Interview Video (Pt 4)

Passiv Haus Dr Wolfgang Feist Interview Video (Pt 5)

Passiv Haus Dr Wolfgang Feist Interview Video (Pt 6 or 6)

Passive Hanse House Video (Germany)

Passive House Concept Video (Germany)

Passive House Eian Interview Video (Minnesota)

Passive House Engineering Video

Passive House Galway (Ireland)

Passive House Hanse Haus Video (Germany)

Passive House Japan Video

Passive House Polconstruct Video

Passive House Sligo Part 1 Video (Ireland)

Passive House Sligo Part 2 Video (Ireland)

Passive House Under Construction

Passive House Walk-Through Video (USA)

Passive Solar Cooling for Hot Humid Climates

Passive Solar Heating Video

Passive Solar Heating Video

Passive Solar Home - Perfect Use of Solar Energy

Passive Solar Panel Tracking

Patagonia Dist. Center Built Green (Nevada, USA)

Paumanok Vineyards Goes Solar on Long Island Video

Photobioreactor at MIT Video

Photobioreactor for Algae Biofuel Video

Phytoremediation in Crozet VA Video

Plantagon Vertical Farm Virtual Animation

Poplar Forest and Georgia Guidestones Geomancy Video

Poplar Forest Guidestone References Video

Poplar Forest Video

Poplar Forest Video

Portuguese Power Video

Power of Poop Cartoon Video

Primland Flyover Video

Primland Flyover Video

Princess Elisabeth Antarctica Station Video

Princess Elisabeth Antarctica Station Video

Randwick Timelapse Solar Installation Video

Rotating House Video (Everingham, Australia)

Roundhouse Construction Timelapse Video

Roundhouse Tour Video

Roundhouse Video

RSA Motivation Animation Video

SABS Composite Building System Time Lapse Construction Video

SABS Composite Building System Video

Salvaged Houses & Dan Phillips on TCR Video

Salvaged Houses by Dan Phillips Video

Salvaged Houses Dan Phillips Video

Salvaged Houses with Dan Phillips Video

San Diego Children's Museum Construction Timelapse Video

San Diego Children's Museum Video

San Diego Cool PV Kleissl Interview Video

Santiago Calatrava Architecture & Design Video

Santiago Calatrava Architecture Images Video

Santiago Calatrava Interview Video

Sarnia Solar Farm Energy Award Video

Sarnia Solar Farm Flyover Video

Sarnia Solar Farm Installation Video

Sarno Architetti Organic Architecture Video

Seminar II Building Video

Shafer Vineyards Sust. and Solar (California)

Shangri La Botanical Gardens Video

Shipping Container Home Kansas City Thumbnail

Sidwell Friends Case Study Video

Sidwell Friends School Generation G Video

Simple Solar Homesteading Intro 1 of 2 Video

Simple Solar Homesteading Intro 2 of 2 Video

Singapore BCA Zero Energy Video

Skara Brae In Focus Video

Skara Brae In Focus Video

Skara Brae Orkney Video

Small Space Big Style Video

Smart Solar Homes on Microgrid India Part 1 Video

Smart Solar Homes on Microgrid India Part 2 Video

Snow on Solar Panels Video

Sol Cinema on BBC Video

Sol Cinema Video (UK)

Sol-Ice Building Integrated Solar Thermal Roofing Video

Solar Aid Big Chill 2009 Video

Solar Aid Power to the People

Solar Air Conditioner

Solar Air Conditioning Video

Solar and Wind Power in North Dakota Winter (USA)

Solar at Long Beach Airport Video (California)

Solar Balloons Video

Solar Car Built by Students

Solar Chariot Walks Video

Solar City Abu Dhabi

Solar City by NYTimes.com

Solar City NanoSolar

Solar Collector From Trash Video

Solar Cooker Parabolic Mirror Video

Solar Cooking

Solar Cooling Is Hot

Solar Decathlon 2009 Team Germany Video

Solar Energy Advantages Video

Solar Energy Basics

Solar Energy Future Is Now Video

Solar Energy More than a Passion, Way of Life Video

Solar Energy Tower Video

Solar Evacuated Tube Solar Hot Water

Solar Furnace BTU Test 2 Video

Solar Generation Road Trip 1 of 3 Video

Solar Generation Road Trip 2 of 3 Video

Solar Generation Road Trip 3 of 3 Video

Solar Geothermal Hybrid Home (Wisconsin, USA)

Solar Greenhouse Dunes Conservation Video

Solar Greenhouse Ladakh India Video

Solar Heated and Cooled Greenhouses

Solar Heater Video

Solar Highways Video

Solar Hot Water Shower DIY Part 1

Solar Hot Water Shower DIY Part 2

Solar Hot Water Video

Solar House University of Maryland Video (USA)

Solar House Video

Solar Impulse - First Rollout Video

Solar Impulse 26 Hour Flight 2010 Video

Solar Impulse Airplane Flea Hop Video

Solar Impulse Takeoff for 24 Hour Flight Video

Solar Impulse Unveiling Video

Solar Ivy Animation Video

Solar Ivy Founder Video

Solar Knights Solar Car Greenopolis Video

Solar Knights SPHS Racing Team Video

Solar Light Pipes Video

Solar Light Pipes Video

Solar Lighting Hybrid Technology Video

Solar Ovens: Nature-Powered Cooking

Solar Power 101 Video

Solar Power by EcoKids Video

Solar Power Tree in India 2016

Solar Powered Car (Volts Wagen)

Solar Powered Evaporative Cooler

Solar Powered Trash Compactor Video

Solar Pump Timelapse Coachella Video

Solar Pump Timelapse Lollapalooza

Solar Shingles Video

Solar Steam Turbine, Parabolic Solar Dish Collector

Solar Sunflower Video

Solar Sunflowers Video

Solar Tablet PC from India Video

Solar Tax Credits Explained 2009 Video

Solar Taxi Los Angeles Video

Solar Taxi Video

Solar Tunnel Aerial

Solar Tunnel Aerial Video

Solar Tunnel News Video

Solar Tunnel News Video

Solar Umbrella House Scarpa Interview Video

Solar Umbrella House Video

Solar Updraft Tower EnviroMission Video

Solar Updraft Tower Explained by EnviroMission Video

Solar Updraft Tower in Spain Video

Solar Water Heater Video

Solar-Powered Grand Prix (Japan)

Solar/Water in Very Small Home (India)

Solara Net Zero Affordable Housing Video

Solarcentury Solar PV Power (UK)

Solaris Positive Energy (French) Video

SolaRoof Bubble Greenhouse Video

Solatube Video

SolMan Portable Solar Generator Video

SolMan Portable Solar Generator Video

State of Thirst in California Video

Staying Warm: Passive House

Steps of Installing Solar PV System Video

Steven Strong PV Interview Video

Strange New World of Nanoscience Video

Straw Bale Construction Excerpt Video

Straw Bale Debunking Myths Video

Straw Bale House made for $50,000 Video

STRI Video

Sun Boxes Music Nevada Video

Sun Boxes Music Video

Sun Boxes Musical Sculpture Video

Sundolier and Douglas Library Video

Sungazing House Built by Tall Pines Video

Sungazing House Eye on Design Video

Sungazing House in Utah Video

SunHopes Solar Balloons Israel Video

Sustainable House Video

Sustainable Unit - Super Adobe House Video

Sustainsia Showcase Video

Tahoe Research and Education Center

Taiwan Solar Stadium by Delta Electronics Video

Taiwan Solar Stadium CG Rendering Video

Taiwan Solar Stadium Overview Video

The Farm's Ecovillage Tour Video

The Impact of Micropower

The Mountain as Playground Video

The Mountain Timelapse Video

The Solar Village Video

The Windmill Farmer Animation

The Windmill Farmer Animation

Thin Film Solar Flat Roof Video

Thin Film Solar PV Installed in One Day

Tianmen Mountain Video

Tianmen Mountains Video

Tile Roof Solar Panel Installation Tips

Tim Eian Passive House Interview

Tiny Apartment Video

Tiny House Solar Electric System Video

Tomorrow House (Construison Demain) Timelapse

Tomorrow House (Construison Demain) Video

Transporting Wind Turbines

Treehouse Building Video

Treehouse Living Atlanta Video

Treehouse O2 Video

Twelve Essential Steps to Net Zero Energy

Twelve Essential Steps to Net Zero Energy Video

Twelve West Turbines Video

Tyson Learning Center Living Building Video

Tyson Living Learning Center Opening Video

Underwater Solar Panels Provide More Power

Unlimited Full Film Video

Vertical Axis Wind Turbine

Vertical Axis Wind Turbine Power System

Wales Institute for Sustainable Education Video

Wall St. Translation Solar PV Industry Video 1 of 3

Wall St. Translation Solar PV Industry Video 2 of 3

Wall St. Translation Solar PV Industry Video 3 of 3

Where does e-waste end up? Video

White House Solar Globama ABC Video

White House Solar Movie Trailer Video

Wild Horse Wind Facility Video (Washington, USA)

Wild Horse Wind Turbine Maintenance Video

Wilson Solar Home Video Canada

Wind Energy in West Texas Video

Wind Turbine Construction Timelapse Video

Wind Turbine Ecotricity Construction Timelapse Video

Wind Turbines How They Work Animation Video

Windmills Homemade Video

Windtronics Installation Video

Windtronics Interview Video

Windtronics Video

Wm Kamkwamba: How I Harnessed the Wind Video

Woman in 84 Sq Ft Home Video

Woodland Park Zoo Solar Carousel Video

World Solar Challenge 2007 Compilation

WPUDA LEED Platinum Video

Yellowstone Old Faithful Visitor Center Opens Video

Yellowstone Unveils Old Faithful Center Video

Yez Concept Car Video

Yurt Building in Kazakh Video

Yurt Building in Mongolia Video

Yurt Building Process in Mongolia Video

Zayed National Museum Video

Zephyr Solar Powered Flight 2008 Video

Zero Energy Casita SIP Install Video

Zero Energy Design Home Video

Zero Energy Home (Arizona, USA)

Zero Energy Office Building (Malaysia)

Zion NP Drive Through Video




Other Video Links


100 Percent Solar Powered House (UK) Video Link

African Villages Go Solar with SOLARtec Video


Ancient Indian WATER HARVESTING by Anupam Mishra Video Link

Appalachia Jobs Project Interview Audio Link

Appalachia Jobs Project Interview on BBC Video Link

Aqua Tower Chicago Video Link

Architects on Museums in UAE

Ardrossan Wind Farm Video Link

Arizona National Guard Eco-Building Video

AustriaHaus Videos Link

Aviva Stadium Animation Video Link

Bali Green School by Documentarian Sven Gelin

Bertrand Piccard's Solar-Powered Adventure Video Link

Bertschi School Science Wing TV Video Link

BILL GATES on Energy Video Link

Bill Gross on New Energy Video Link

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Bob's Big Boy Solar System Video

Bullitt Center Is Net Zero Energy and Water in Seattle Video

California Academy of Sciences Construction Timelapse Video

Catherine Mohr Builds Green Video Link

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Concordia University Solar Thermal and Electricity Generation Video Link (Canada)

David Byrne: How architecture helped music evolve Video Link

David Keith's Unusual Climate Change Idea on TED Video Link

Desoto Solar Center Video Link

Diébedo Francis Kéré Interview Video Link (German)

Difficult Market Brings Innovation & Maturity to Solar PV Video

Dockside Green Story: Natural Growth Video

Druk White Lotus School E2 Video

Druk White Lotus School PBS Video Link

ED MAZRIA: Solving Our Energy Crisis Video Link

Europe's Solar Thermal Experience Can Inform the US Industry Video

European Offshore Wind 2009 Update Video

Fennell Ultimate House Boat Video Link

Fipke Centre Opening Video Link

Florida Gulf Coast University Switches To Solar Power

Forest EcoCentre Video Link

Francis Kere on Sustainable Buildings in Africa 1 of 4 Video Link

Francis Kere on Sustainable Buildings in Africa 2 of 4 Video Link

Francis Kere on Sustainable Buildings in Africa 3 of 4 Video Link

Francis Kere on Sustainable Buildings in Africa 4 of 4 Video Link

Green Building Louisville Green Wall Video Link

Green Nanotechnology Video Link

Green Tunnel Appalachian Trail Walk

Growing Plants on the Moon Video

Hawaii Prep Energy Lab Open House Video Link

Hawaii Prep Energy Lab Video Link

High-Voltage Cable Inspection Video Link

Holy Wisdom Monastery Going Green Video Link

House Made of Hemp CNN Video Link

iHouses Modular with Solar Panels

Incredible Edible Landscaping in UK TED Talk Video Link

Inside Queen City EcoVillage Video Link

Inside the Solar America Cities Train the Trainer Program Video Link

Iranian Town Carved From Rock Video Link

Jane Poynter: Life in BIOSPHERE 2 Video Link

JANINE BENYUS Shares Nature's Designs Video Link

Jay Leno Water Heater Video Link

Jefferson's Poplar Forest Video Channel

Juan Enriquez on BioEnergy TED Video Link

Kroon Hall Timelapse Video Link

Lagniappe Solar House Video Link

LandArk Designer Pods Video Link

Lighthouse Zero Energy Home (UK)

Lighthouse Zero Energy Home (UK) Video Link

Liquid Metal Battery TED Talk

Living Home Timelapse Video

Living Home Timelapse Video2

Living on Solar Video Link

Los Vecinos Solar Apartment Building Video Link

Lunar Oasis: Greenhouse on the Moon

Magnus Larsson: Turning Dunes into Architecture Video Link

Manassas Park Elementary School Video Link

Marketing Solar Energy to the Public Remains a Challenge Video

Metropol Parasol Arup Video Link

Mitchell Joachim: Grow Your Home Video Link

New York Is a Solar City! Video Link

Norman Foster's Green Agenda Video Link

Paul MacCready Flies on Solar Wings Video Link

Powering the Fight Against Hunger Video Link

Practical Solar Analysis Video Link

Richmond Oval Designers Video

Ross Lovegrove Shares Organic Designs Video Link

Salvaged Houses by Dan Phillips Video Link (Texas, USA)

Saul Griffith's Kites Tap Wind Energy Video Link

Shai Agassi's Bold Plan for Electric Cars Video Link

Shawn Bradley Goes Solar Video Link

Sierra Sun Tower Launch Video

Skara Brae and Neolithic Orkney by the BBC

Solar Balloons from Cool Earth Video Link

Solar Impulse Lands after 26 Hour Flight Video

Solar Impulse Video Link

Solar Living Institute Video Link

Solar Pathfinder Demonstration Video

Solar Suitcase Built by Kids Video Link

Solar Tree London Video Link

Solar Tree Video Link

Solar Umbrella House Video Link

Solar-powered plane lands safely after 26-hour flight

SolaRoof Greenhouse with Bubble Insulation Video

Spanner Films

Students Pit Wind Power against Solar Power Video Link

Sunseeker Duo Solar Airplane Video

The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind on ABC News

The Edible Schoolyard Video Link

The Green Building Energy Program Video Link (Louisville, Kentucky, USA)

The Green Building Reclaimed Wood Video Link (Louisville, Kentucky, USA)

Theo Jansen Creates Wind-Powered Creatures Video Link

Tiny Houses on PBS with Dee Williams Video Link

Tour the El Dorado Thin-Film Solar Facility Video (Las Vegas, Nevada, USA)

Vatican Goes Solar Video

Virginia Beach Convention Center LEED Gold Video Link

Wales Institute for Sustainable Education Video Link

Wales Institute Video Link

Water & Life Museums Video Link

White House Solar Panels

WHY Solar Yacht Video Link

William Kamkwamba on Building a Windmill Video Link

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Wind Energy Podcasts

Wind Generator How To Build Video Link

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Woodland Park Zoo Solar Panels on Carousel Video Link

Working with the Sun (Africa)

Yike Bike Video Link

Zero Energy Residential Development (Lopez Island, Washington, USA)