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NewEarth Renewable Energy

A compnay that is helping coal burning power plants reduce their Green House Gas emissions to ZERO, with inexpensive and reliable biomass fuels that can be co-fired with coal or can replace the burning of coal altogether. The compnay claims it has existing and patent pending new biomass fuels and technologies that will help to meet the world's demand for sustainable renewable clean energy.

NewEarth ECO Clean Coal or E-Coal is a revolutionary new sustainable 100% biomass flex fuel alternative to fossil coal. E-Coal was specifically designed to help coal-burning power plants meet their mandatory emissions reductions immediately. Any coal-fired electric power station can immediately reduce its CO2 and Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions by directly co-firing E-Coal with fossil coal or by totally replacing fossil coal with E-Coal without any retrofitting, loss of productivity, down time, or service to customers.