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Wind Turbine Recipe Book

This is the latest edition of 'axial flux windmill plans' as used in the courses the author teaches worldwide. The Recipe Book replaces older plans 'How to Build a Wind Turbine' (2005). During 2008 the Recipe book was only available in metric units but now a new 'English Units' edition is available that is written specifically for North American readers who prefer to use Inches and AWG sizes for wire. It is based on the use of neodymium magnets sized 2" x 1" x 1/2" as available widely in North America.

The Recipe Book is a much better structured document than the older 2005 plans. Rather than evolving 'organically' it is carefully planned to include six different sizes of turbines. Each section offers general advice combined with specific dimensions and diagrams for each of these six sizes and a range of operating voltages. Metric units of measure are actually easier to use. I expect that there will be some ongoing demand for the older 2005 plans which contain many interesting ideas that are now considered obsolete, and work in both systems of measure. But the 2009 Recipe Books represent the author's latest ideas for the simplest and most effective way to produce small wind turbines.