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Sunny John Solar Moldering Toilet

A moldering toilet is simply a waterless toilet that is built to allow for very long term slow decomposition in place – the waste molders, rather than composts, much as leaves and plant debris "molder" on the surface of soil through the action of bacteria, fungi, and microorganisms. With moldering, the "technology" applied for waste treatment is mainly isolation, and simply time itself! All that is required is a temperature and humidity stable aerated vault that can support enhanced growth of fungus. There is no heat generated and consequently no nutrient is 'burned' out of the pile - all of the nitrogen in the waste AND that generated by decomposing microbes is sequestered in the finished product. Virtually no carbon is consumed because there is no high temperatures to create carbon based 'greenhouse gases'. After a year or more, all you are left with is half the mass of the original waste converted into fine, lite weight black humus suitable for application back into your landscape and virtually all of the moisture (80% of the original weight!) evaporated into the atmosphere. The SunnyJohn was designed to meet the 'vault privy' standards of the Colorado Health Department's Guidelines for 'Individual Sewage Disposal Systems'. It is essentially a pumpable, water proof concrete vault completely sealed from the water table, vermin and flys. It's safe in the environment for long term heirloom constructions and you can build one yourself. If your project meets the detailing and design criteria of a 'vault privy' in your local code district, and your local officials allow 'vault privy's' you can have it approved for use as your own waste management solution.