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eLoo Solar Toilet (Texas, USA)

GREEN, EVAPORATIVE TOILET!! The Enviro Loo is the new SOLAR, EVAPORATIVE TOILET now being manufactured in the US. This unit is unique because it requires: *No Water *No Electricity *No Chemicals, or Additives of any Kind *Operates only with Sun and Wind Although this toilet may be called a different name in your area: holding tank, pit privy, alternative toilet, dry toilet, vault toilet, innovative toilet, environmental toilet, or exhaust toilet, it is still amazing! This toilet exceeds current expectations by presenting these benefits:
**NO FLIES (reduces airborn diseases) The Eloo provides the right environment to treat and stabilize human waste using dehydration and evaporation. This device is particularly suited for locations that have limited water resources; it is too expensive to run water for a conventional septic system; or geography will not allow standard installation methods.