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BB Brown Residence (Florida, USA)

Robert Brown, a retired Information Technology person, and his wife have used solar water heaters for fifteen years or more. In November of 2007 they installed a 4.4 KW Photovoltaic system on their home in South Florida. He has kept detailed daily data on the system and has developed a pretty good feel for the practicality of solar as an energy source. Their house is over 40 years old and does not have a particularly efficient envelope. Even so, since start up they have averaged almost 41 percent of their energy from solar. That is not counting the solar water heating. Visit his website at http://www.bbbrown.com/ and you can track their solar output at http://bbbrown.mysolarlog.com/.

The solar generating system for this home consists of 22 Sanyo HIP200-BA3 200 watt photovolatiac modules, 2 Outback Power Systems GVFX-3648 inverters, 2 Outback Power Systems MX-60 charge controllers, and 8 Concorde PVX-2240T backup batteries. The roof mounted panels consist of two arrays. One 1.6 kw array faces south and the other 2.8 kw array faces west providing a total of 4.4 kw capacity. The batteries can power our emergency circuits for several hours insuring uninterrupted power to our lighting, computers, and refrigerators. We received the standard, $4 a watt rebate for the installation from the State of Florida under their solar incentive program. This amounted to a check for $17,600. Operational statistics are shown on the website including near realtime charts and data, along with very detailed information.