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Voltage Drop Calculator Tool

approximate voltage rise in the AC circuit

This Voltage Calculator is designed to give the approximate voltage rise in the AC circuit between the Main AC Service panel and the inverter. SMA America, Inc., makes no claim as to the performance of your system, including, but not limited to, actual efficiency or power production of the inverter based on the information from this Program. You must agree to this policy in order to use the Voltage Drop Calculator in whole or in part. Parameters that are considered include the type of circuit, gauge of wire, amperage, length of circuit, and type of conductor. Please enter the required data, and then press the Calculate button. The results are returned as the estimated drop in voltage, percentage drop, and the approximate voltage that will be seen at the terminals of the inverter if the utility is at the high end of ANSI-A range, at nominal, and at the low end of ANSI-A range (nominal +5%, nominal, nominal -5%).


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