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Eco-Maven (Seattle, Washington, USA)

At Eco-Maven Associates, our goal is to help you navigate the green wave that is driving innovation across the Puget Sound region, the country and the planet. Our founder, Alexandra Steele, has a proven track record in business development and marketing leadership across a range of industry sectors, from Wall Street financial services to Fortune 500 consumer goods and professional design/build services companies. She builds on that breadth of experience with her deep knowledge in sustainable business and green marketing practices.

We deliver strategic marketing and planning within an integrated and collaborative process, in partnership with clients and key stakeholders. Our approach includes teaming with associates who provide the relevant expertise and creativity to address your challenges. We tailor each solution to the specific needs of your business and ensure that vital messaging is designed to impact and engage your audience.

In this environment, you either innovate or stagnate. Our multidisciplinary teams bring you fresh thinking from a variety of vantage points. Contact us and together we can ride the new economy wave toward greener results.