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Solar Power Rating Map (USA)

Estimates net cost for a solar power system for each state

Although the DSIRE provides all the data, there is no easy way to compare how one state's incentives differs from another state's without tediously reading through each of the incentives and comparing the results. So Cooler Planet did the hard work for you. As a benchmark, they took a typical 3kW system ($27,000), and ran it through each of the state's rebates and incentives, estimated the electricity the system would offset in 5 years, and came up with an estimate of the net cost for a solar power system for each state. With this cost as well as factoring in property tax exemptions and available loans, they came up with a Cooler Planet Solar Rating score for each state. This rating can be used to quickly analyze how the states compare. It is by no means a 100% accurate representation of the cost of a solar system in each state, but it provides an easy tool to relatively compare one state's solar incentives with another. Play with the map above to see how your state ranks amongst the rest of the nation!