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Solar Energy Electric Power System Simulator

Demonstrate the basic operation of a solar electric power system

For the most part, a Solar Energy System that is properly installed and adequately sized will not require much in the way of management. However, for those times of marginal sun or very large power requirements, it is important to understand the relationship between your battery charge level, the amount of charge (if any) that they are receiving, and the power being withdrawn (appliances, etc.) from the system. To make this relationship clear, and for those who might think solar energy is complicated, FreeSunPower.com designed and wrote this simulation to demonstrate the basic operation of a solar energy electric power system. Only three things need to be considered:
1. The level of charge on the battery bank. (AmpHour Meter)
2. The amount of charging power coming in. (Solar Amps Meter)
3. The amount of power being used. (AC Amps Meter) Watch these meters change as you increase & decrease Sun Intensity, and turn On & Off Appliances.

From Free Sun Power.com