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Centre Energetique et Procedes (France)

The Center for Energy and Processes (CEP), which was set up in 1976 is run by Didier MAYER. It is one of the most important research centers at the Ecole des Mines de Paris (EMP). It currently has a staff of around 160, as well as 100 students, spread over three locations: Paris, Fontainebleau and Sophia Antipolis. The CEP conducts research in a range of domains useful in studying the transformation of matter and energy, in order to study complex energy systems. This diversity is a key factor in enabling the centre to carry out its double mission of training, and making the most recent technological developments widely known. Each of the Center’s three sites conducts research in the following three main areas: (1) Energy, processes and the environment (including transport), (2) Energy infrastructures, (3) Nanomaterials and energy. A number of approaches are put into practice, including methodological and experimental studies and modelling, technological innovations, and general studies on energy and the environment.