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Trane TRACE 700 (fee-based)

Optimize the design of building’s HVAC based on energy utilization & LCA

Trane Air Conditioning Economics, or TRACE™, is a design-and-analysis tool that helps HVAC professionals optimize the design of a building’s heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning system based on energy utilization and lifecycle cost. Introduced in 1972, the program was the fi rst of its kind and quickly became a de facto industry standard. A TRACE model can help establish the peak cooling and heating loads during the planning stage of a building project. At the design development stage, it aids evaluation of energysaving concepts, such as the effects of daylighting, HVAC optimization strategies, and high-performance glazing. And near the end of the construction, when the design is fi nalized, the TRACE model can help document compliance with ASHRAE Standard 90.1-2004 or validate the building’s eligibility for LEED® certifi cation

TRACE 700 delivers Trane expertise in superior software built on industry-accepted practices, decades of applications experience and world-class support. TRACE 700 software is the benchmark complete load, system, energy and economic analysis program that compares the energy and economic impact of such building alternatives as architectural features, HVAC systems, building utilization or scheduling and economic options.