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Re-Use Consulting (USA)

National Building Deconstructor of the Year - 2009

RE-USE Consulting has worked on deconstructing over 450 structures in the last 15 years. We have also salvaged over 3000 structures during that time. RE-USE Consulting runs one of the leading building deconstruction teams in the United State. We work with demolition contractors, deconstruction companies, as well as up-and-coming groups doing pilot projects, and buildings owners working on a single structure. The trainings vary in intensity, depending on whether the group plans to continue deconstructing buildings and how much prior experience they have.

David Bennink, Owner 1-360-201-6977
email: re-use@comcast.net

1. RE-USE Consulting has clients all over the USA.
2. Building deconstruction and reuse operation training: We work on-line or travel to you to provide training and on-site assistance.
3. Building owners: We help building owners find sustainable alternatives to demolition and often save them money over demolition.
4. We sell materials for you or to you (check out the website)