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Positive Energy (Greece)

POSITIVE ENERGY provides integrated solutions in the design, supply, construction and after sale service of integrated PV systems of any application and any size, in Southeastern Europe. It is a member of a Group having a strong presence and extensive business in Southeastern Europe in technology, as well as in the real estate development through the management and development of numerous relevant and complex projects. From big PV installations on rural parcels to architectural solution of PV system integration in buildings, POSITIVE ENERGY provides optimized solutions totally adjusted to the individualized needs of its customers and partners. In POSITIVE ENERGY, the absolute emphasis on high quality, reliability, consistency, constant evolution and customers and partners’ satisfaction is not a theoretical standpoint but a clearly formulated Corporate Behaviour and Ethics Code which we are proud to observe to the letter.

Management Team with extensive experience and expertise
- Long-term experience in the specific sector
- Continuous monitoring of the market opportunities, high knowledge and experience in risk management
- Experience and wide knowledge of the local markets, through the development of a strong network of partners and suppliers created following specific evaluation
- Capacity to simultaneously manage many and complex projects. Great technical team with multi-annual experience, high-level training and expertise
- Executives with postgraduate studies in the Renewable Energy Sources sector
- Specialized executives with long-term experience in managing big and complex Renewable Energy Sources projects
- Long-term experience in managing energy buildings