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Chain of Eco-Homes Competition (USA)

the Chain of Eco-Homes is a 12-home project located in Greensburg, Kansas. The purpose of this residential development is to create “Living Laboratories” featuring a variety of building techniques, sizes, prices, energy efficiency features, and green living products and services. Each home will be unique, and each will be available both as an informational center and as eco-lodging where people can experience green living first hand. This will be the first such project in the nation, and will be key to developing eco-tourism in Greensburg, Kansas. We envision each home telling a unique story. Two Eco-Homes are currently in process. The first is called the Silo Eco-Home. This Eco-Home is inspired by the strength and use of a grain silo. As such, it stands for durability, and it will also demonstrate sustainable food production by way of its extensive green roof for vegetable gardening. The Second Eco-Home has been donated by the University of Colorado and was the winner of the 2005 Solar Decathlon competition. We’ve dubbed it the Solar Eco-Home.