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Highline Park Design Video






Blue Planet Green Living (USA)

This site is brought to you by a couple of marketing specialists who love our planet and its inhabitants. We’re on a quest to find organic, green, and natural products as well as services that support a healthy environment. As BPGL grows, we’ll be building a road map to guide you through the maze of websites and introduce you to earth-friendly businesses and people that we believe in. Our focus — where the two of us really shine — is helping what we call ecopreneurs, the folks who launch start-up companies that are focused on helping the planet. We also like to showcase the undiscovered (or little-known) individuals or families who are trying to help in their own unique ways. But, big or small, we’ll lend our support to anyone who is working to sustain the earth, keeping it blue and green (and every lovely color in between), just like it’s supposed to be. This site isn’t just about ecology; it’s also about the economy. As consumers, we can change the world by changing what we buy. And in these challenging times, we all need to be “Earth Wise. Money Smart.” It’s now or never.