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Alt Energy Stocks

AltEnergyStocks.com provides research into alternative energy, renewable energy, and clean technology companies. Alt Energy Stocks is owned and published by 2043835 Ontario Limited. The site is managed and maintained by: Charles Morand - Editor, who invests in and closely follows the alt energy sector, with a particular focus on clean power generation and related industries. He has an interest in the business of alt energy as well as in public policy. Past work experience includes investment research with a focus on power generation and carbon emissions trading as well as academic research in renewable power policies in Canada. Charles holds an MSc in Environmental Policy from the London School of Economics and an MBA from the Richard Ivey School of Business at the University of Western Ontario. Charles is a level I candidate for the Chartered Financial Analyst® designation. He currently works as an independent consultant, and has recently been involved in projects related to financing small clean power generation operations in North America and abroad.