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Solar/Water in Very Small Home (India)

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Innovative Vertical Axis Wind Turbine

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Michigan Wind Prospecting Tool (USA)

Best areas in Michigan for utility scale wind farm development and community wind development

The Wind Prospecting Tool (WPT) will be divided into two segments, first an analysis and interactive map tool to find and highlight the best areas in Michigan for utility scale wind farm development. This will showcase from the perspective of large scale development, the largest and most commercially viable areas in the state. Second, a separate tool will be developed targeted at community wind development potential, and produce a community wind profile for each community with wind resources in Michigan. This tool is an initial step in informing the wind development process, and bringing stakeholders accurate reliable, and timely information. A third tool, which is a future project, will closely examine off-shore targets for wind deployment. The fundamental base of this analysis is the National Renewable Energy Laboratory’s 50m wind density map for Michigan (see figure one). This is the best available data in wind resources in Michigan.