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Passive House Retrofit Tool

In the past few years, passive house principles and components have been successfully introduced in the retrofitting of existing buildings. Depending on the building type, energy savings vary between 80 to 95%. The specific heating demand is typically reduced from values between 150 and 280 kWh/m²a to less than 30 kWh/m²a. In some cases, the passive house standard of 15 kWh/m²a is reached. As pilot projects in different countries demonstrate, these passive house retrofit (phr) are economically feasible for a range of building types.

How does the passive house retrofit tool work?
At the start, an overview is given of the main building typologies in the country selected. The typology selected is hypothetically renovated according to 1) the national building code and 2) by passive house retrofitting. The resulting energy demand (calculated using the Passive House Projecting Package program) and the energy savings are compared to the investment required. In the section ‘incomplete phr’, a single particular measure is not applied (e.g. heat recovery) to show the effect this measure has on the energy consumption. In addition, each measure can be studied in detail by clicking on it in the list of phr-measures.