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Airtricity (Scotland)

Airtricity’s renewable energy development division is responsible for the development and construction of the Scottish and Southern Energy (SSE) group’s renewable energy projects across Ireland, Great Britain, and Continental Europe, including offshore and onshore wind farms, hydro, marine, biomass, and solar projects. This division, which is headquartered in Dublin and operates in 17 locations across Ireland, Great Britain and Europe, is to be renamed SSE Renewables with effect from 1 st January 2010.

SSE is the leading generator of renewable energy in the UK and Ireland, with over 2,200MW of renewable electricity generation capacity (wind, hydro, and biomass), and a portfolio of over 14,000MW of renewable energy projects in construction, with consent or in development. Headquartered in Perth, Scotland, SSE is the second largest energy utility in the UK. The company is listed on the London Stock Exchange. SSE is involved in the generation, transmission, distribution and supply of electricity; energy trading; the storage, distribution and supply of gas; electrical and utility contracting; and telecoms.

Airtricity was acquired by Scottish and Southern Energy Plc in February 2008. The combined SSE and Airtricity team has developed 40 wind farms across Europe and North America, making it a leading wind farm developer. The company is currently developing two of Europe’s larger wind farms, a 350MW onshore wind farm, Clyde, located in the Upper Clyde Valley in Scotland and a 504MW offshore wind farm, Greater Gabbard, located off the Suffolk coast of England.