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Energex Earth's Choice Green Power

earth'schoice green energy is purchased from the following environmentally friendly or 'green' sources.
Micro-hydro Hydro - Hydroelectricity is generated by the power of falling water. The force of the falling water rotates a turbine that is connected to a generator creating green electricity.
Solar power Solar power - The sun is harnessed via solar photovoltaic panels to generate environmentally friendly power.
Wind power Wind power - Windmills are used to produce power by harnessing the earth's wind. Landfill gas and biomass
Landfill gas and biomass - Methane gas that is emitted from organic waste substances like sewage, bagasse (crushed sugar cane plants) and organic garbage from tips can be used as a fuel to run a power generating turbine.

Growing demand for green energy will drive the development of more new renewable energy generators - and the more green energy generators. With your support of the earth'schoice program, ENERGEX will continue to purchase from green energy sources and work to bring further sources of renewable energy into operation.