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Twelve Essential Steps to Net Zero Energy Video

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Kaplan Thompson Architects (Maine, USA)

Our studio is located on the top floor of a historic brick warehouse, in the heart of Portland, Maine’s Old Port. We have brought as much of the natural Maine landscape into our workspace as possible, from beach rocks within translucent walls, to plants that emerge atop the ripples of the galvanized steel ribbon/tack space, to the wall murals that echo the local foliage throughout the studio. And natural or not, you won’t be able to resist gliding your hand across the concrete wave. We move easily between hand sketching and digital production and have the capacity to create 3D printed models, animated walkthroughs and large format renderings. We work commonly with clients from across the country using our secure extranet and web meeting software which allows full immersion in your building from any web browser. We work collaboratively, sharing conversation, technical innovations and design ideas in a free-flowing, energetic and creative environment. Our careful drawings and accurate construction documents build on this atmosphere to bring your project to life…