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SkyCalc Software Tool for Skylighting

Determine the optimum skylighting strategy

SkyCalc™ is a simple computer tool that helps building designers determine the optimum skylighting strategy that will achieve maximum lighting and HVAC energy savings for a building. You must register to use this free tool. This program is a Microsoft Excel™ spreadsheet application that runs on a personal computer. SkyCalc™ uses simple data inputs (either common defaults or user-supplied data) to describe a building and analyze possible skylighting strategies. It calculates the lighting and whole-building energy impacts of each design, and produces graphs and charts that describe annual energy-use patterns. SkyCalc™ operates at three levels of detail:
* The first level requires little information from the user, instead relying on extensive defaults to describe the user's skylighting system and building operation.
* The second level allows the user to modify any default in order to describe the situation more precisely.
* The third level allows the user to enter detailed information about products and schedules (such as performance data for specific products or detailed building operation information). SkyCalc™ also can take into account a variety of climate conditions in California. The user selects a particular climate zone, and SkyCalc™ calculates the energy impacts from skylights on an hourly basis throughout the year.