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Mobile MaxPure Solar Water Purification Systems

The mission of WorldWater & Solar Technologies, Inc. is to make clean water and power available everywhere in the world through its proprietary solar technology. To achieve this goal, WorldWater has developed the Mobile MaxPure® system, a transformative product utilizing cutting-edge solar, water pumping and purification technologies. Robust, easy to use and self-contained, the Mobile MaxPure® brings near-immediate solutions to water and power problems existing in remote areas of the globe as well as crises encountered in cities, towns and villages following disastrous hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis or floods. WorldWater’s Founder, Chairman and CEO, Quentin T. Kelly has been involved in bringing solar power and water solutions to people for the past 25 years. He has led efforts to complete solar and water-related projects in some of the harshest environments in the world. He and his WorldWater associates also have a successful history of developing new, advanced, patented technologies in the fields of solar and water. WorldWater brings those field-proven solutions to the market. The WorldWater staff has extensive international solar and water engineering, and project management experience. In recent years, its members have brought proprietary, high-powered solar technology to areas in the U.S., Africa, Asia and the Caribbean, providing alternative energy, potable water and irrigation solutions to a wide variety of customers in domestic and international markets.