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Twelve Essential Steps to Net Zero Energy Video

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Green Products Wall

Put Your Business on the Wall for Free. The Green Products Wall provides wall space for qualified businesses at no cost for the space. The new Green Products Wall is built on a powerful platform with a new generation wall engine that delivers a stunningly clean presentation of green products, services, and resources for consumers, businesses and organizations.  The concept on the surface is quite basic... Stare at the Wall, mouse over interesting wall spaces to see the full-size image and description. When you see something you're interested in, simply click the wall space to cast a vote for that space and you're off to see more in a new window or tab (depending on your browser setting). Visit the Wall often to see new wall spaces and updates to current spaces. The Wall is a visual experience. There's no navigating through endless directory indexes or srolling down long lists of text entries in order to click 3 more links just to get some basic info. On the Green Products Wall, you see what you like and click once. That's all there is to it.