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Climate Solutions (Washington State, USA)

Climate Solutions mission is to accelerate practical and profitable solutions to global warming by galvanizing leadership, growing investment and bridging divides. Our regional organizing approach is transforming the global warming debate in the region and laying the groundwork for a successful, multi-stakeholder climate action agenda. We’re generating fresh political momentum for energy and transportation solutions that benefit the region’s economy and quality-of-life.

Climate Solutions was formed when two smaller organizations, the Atmosphere Alliance and the Energy Outreach Center, joined forces. Started in 1998 in Olympia, Washington, our founders faced a political landscape that made bold national action to confront global warming virtually unimaginable. Since then, Climate Solutions has grown from a small store front in Olympia with six staff to 20 people located in three Northwest states Working at the regional level, we've built long-term relationships, often across the partisan divide. Through years of patient organizing and bridge-building, Climate Solutions has developed vibrant partnerships with an extraordinarily wide array of business, farm, government and civic interests.