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Twelve Essential Steps to Net Zero Energy Video

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Hubbell and Hubbell

The Hubbell & Hubbell team creates places that heal the soul and renew the spirit. We are a unique family-owned firm committed to integrating nature-centered art and architecture in environmentally friendly private and public spaces. Artist James Hubbell has developed projects all over the world for more than 40 years. He works with his son, architect Drew Hubbell, and other members of the Hubbell team to harmonize the beauty of art with the functionality of architecture. Architect Drew Hubbell has pioneered the permitting of straw bales as a building material in the city and county of San Diego. He is committed to extending his father's artistic respect for nature into the practicalities of building materials, practices and processes. Specializing in sustainable design since 1995, Drew Hubbell’s architecture studio strives to integrate green materials and design principles into all their projects—ranging from small additions and residential remodels, to new conventional and strawbale homes, as well as public nature centers and park structures. Our method is to explore form, matter, light and shadow at building sites, then incorporate the play of these elements into each unique building and landscape we create. We work to develop aesthetically pleasing, ecologically sound building designs that support sustainable ways of living. Our familiarity with craft materials ranges from metals, clay and cements to wood and stained glass. Through a wide network of friends and fine crafts people, we have access to a full range of disciplines. Hubbell & Hubbell office and studio bring sensitivity to the environment, innovative design work and skilled experience in multiple craft media to each project. Besides designing or remodeling buildings and supervising construction, we can fabricate details from gates, lights and doors to fountains and sculptures.