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Green Globes Certification Program (Canada)

The strength of the Green Globes system is that it is written in plain language so it's easy for beginners as well as experienced practitioners to be up and running in minutes. The system is questionnaire-driven. Users are walked through a logical sequence of questions that guide their next steps and provide guidance for integrating important elements of sustainability. Once each questionnaire is complete, the system automatically generates a report written in lay terms with suggestions for improvement and helpful supplementary links and information.

Because it's online and interactive, the Green Globes system enables you to change inputs in order to keep your assessment up-to-date. It serves as a virtual consultant, providing instant feedback on the environmental aspects of a structure's design along with advice and resources for improvements. And, because much of the data is captured as users progress through the system, the final report helps to simplify the documentation process. It also makes it easy to compare the different properties in a portfolio.