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Twelve Essential Steps to Net Zero Energy Video






Green Land Lady (USA)

GreenLandlady.com helps building owners and residents lower expenses and increase net operating income by reducing energy consumption, conserving water and preserving our natural resources to the benefit of all. GreenLandlady believes the development of trained property management professionals and independent real estate owners is the first critical element of any high performance building strategy. There are multiple ways to incorporate sustainable features that meet both a building’s needs and an owner’s budget, but knowledge is the key. GreenLandlady provides both on and off-line customized educational opportunities formatted specifically for multifamily, rental housing, coops and condominium management. Resident education is also a full GreenLandlady priority as promoting lifestyles that incorporate energy efficiency, water conservation and other quality of life concerns improve building performance. GreenLandlady will also share the strategies we feel have the most potential to minimize possible conflicts between sustainable investment and an improved bottom line.