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Twelve Essential Steps to Net Zero Energy Video

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Green Products Innovation Institute (USA)

The Green Products Innovation Institute (GPII) is a non-profit organization created to bring about a large scale transformation in the way we make the things we make. Addressing real problems with positive solutions Rather than focusing on how industry can become "less bad," the GPII is set up to be a resource for those who aspire to do "more good". We promote an innovation-oriented model for eliminating toxic chemicals and other negative environmental impacts. The GPII prescribes a set of design principles, based on the laws of nature, to help businesses create products that are safe for people and the environment. This rethinking of how we design, manufacture, use and reuse materials will spur a new era of innovation, simultaneously driving economic, ecological and social prosperity.

The Green Products Innovation Institute extends the success of the Cradle to Cradle™ framework to protect millions of people from toxic chemicals and unleash a wave of business innovation. We are helping the State of California create the world's first sustainable economy and fostering a new generation of sustainable products worldwide.