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Twelve Essential Steps to Net Zero Energy Video






Maia Maia Project (Australia)

The Maia Maia Project is an innovative initiative to create local 'money' based on reducing our greenhouse gas emissions Emission Reduction Currency Systems (ERCS) are community driven schemes that create 'money' that is recognised in the local economy and is based on our reductions of greenhouse gas emissions. A person or company can join Maia Maia as part of its school, family or business. It is the aim of the Maia Maia Project to promote the uptake of these schemes in Western Australia and elsewhere. In these schemes, effort taken as a community to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions is used to back a local currency called Booyas. Booya is a word used by the West Australian Nyungar people for rock trading tokens used historically as a form of currency. This local currency can be traded in the community in a way that attracts economic resources back to our schools and associated sustainability projects. Groups operating in different geographical regions may wish to select a different name for their money.