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Evaluation Standard for Green Buildings (China)

This standard is applicable to evaluation on existing residential buildings, and three kinds of public buildings, i.e. office buildings, mall buildings and hotel buildings. And evaluation on newly built, expanded or reconstructed residential buildings and office buildings, mall buildings and hotel buildings belonging to public buildings, shall be conducted in one year after turnover to the property owner. 3.1.3 Green buildings refer to the buildings which combines resources saving and environment protection within the complete life circle. And although excess utilization of a single technique can improve performance in certain aspect, it may result in new waste. Therefore, the effect between building size, building technology and investment shall be overall evaluated from each stage of the complete life circle of buildings. Based on the main purpose of saving resources and protect environment, take safety, durability, economics, appearance and other factors into general consideration, and compare and confirm optimal technology, materials and equipment. 3.1.4 In creating green buildings, the planning, design, construction and finalizing phases shall be taken under control. Each responsible party shall follow the requirements of evaluation indicators of this standard, set goals, clarify responsibilities, control the processes, and finally produce reports on control over the processes of planning, design, construction and finalizing. The party which applies for evaluation shall submit basic materials regarding process control for evaluation, as required by green building evaluation institutes. Green building evaluation institutes will analyze the basic materials and issue evaluation reports as on-site project inspection is considered.