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E-Scale or EnergySmart Home ScaleSM

Home energy rating tool from USDOE

The E-Scale is an easy-to-understand tool that helps homebuyers and homeowners make smart energy decisions when purchasing, renting, or updating a home. It is designed to provide clear, objective answers to basic questions: * Will this home help me save money on energy bills? * How many "miles per gallon" does this home get? * How does it compare to a typical new home? * How close is it to the "ultimate" – a Net-Zero Energy Home?

A 70 on the E-Scale indicates that a home is approximately 30% more energy efficient than a typical new home built to code. A 60 on the E-Scale would be 40% more energy efficient. The ultimate goal is to get to 0 – a Net-Zero Energy Home.

The E-Scale is based on the well established Home Energy Rating System (HERS) Index, developed by RESNET, the Residential Energy Services Network.