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Green Business Times

Green Business Times – an online publication to help businesses in Singapore go green and reduce their impact on the environment. Green Business Times is published by Green Future Solutions and the Editor is Eugene Tay. Our aim is to provide environmental information and resources for business leaders and professionals to take action in reducing their environmental impacts and to implement green business strategies and practices. Our resources are also useful for schools, governmental organisations, non-governmental organisations, academics and other interested parties who wish to understand more about business and the environment. With increasing environmental problems around the world, it’s time for companies to recognise their environmental responsibility while making profits.

To help businesses go green, we cover the following green topics and resources: * Strategy and Leadership – Business Development; Sustainability Leadership; Green Strategy; Sustainability Strategies; Green CEOs; Green Leaders * Energy and Climate – Global Warming; Climate Change; Carbon Footprint; Carbon Trading and Offset; Greenhouse Gas Emissions; Energy Efficiency; Renewable Energy; Clean Fuel * Operations and Management – Environmental Management System; ISO 14001; Resource and Operational Efficiency; Pollution Prevention; Risk Control; Waste Reduction; Water Management; Air Pollution Control; Waste Management; Green Office; Facilities Management; Green Supply Chain; Green Procurement and Purchasing * Design and Innovation – Green Design; Design for the Environment; Cradle to Cradle; Biomimicry; Life Cycle Assessment; Green Building Design; Eco Design; Green Product Design; Green Innovation * Marketing and Communications – Marketing; Advertising; Public Relations; Press Releases; News Releases; Environmental Reporting; Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) * Resources – Start greening your business with our free guides and case studies * Features – Read selected green articles and environmental issues * Events – Participate in seminars, exhibitions and activities to learn more about the environment and take action